Grady is a person of great integrity

I am the legal administrator of a medium size firm in New Orleans. Grady King has been our insurance broker since 1995. Grady is not a broker who just sells a policy and then disappears, only to reappear when it’s time to renew. Grady is always in touch and responsive to our needs. Over the years, some of our employees have faced a serious illness and not once did Grady shy away from involvement. Instead, he has inquired about the status and personally taken care of any insurance issues they have had. Grady is a person of great integrity and I have recommended him to many of my colleagues in the legal profession. A legal administrator’s responsibilities are numerous and stressful, but working with Grady has taken a lot of that pressure off of my shoulders. I have always been able to count on him and I know that he will follow through on whatever I ask of him, whether writing an appeal on behalf of one of our employees or investigating non- payment of a claim. Grady’s professionalism and caring attitude are very much appreciated.